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a friend told me if you put wd-40 on soft plastci worms it will work as an attractent. Is this true? Will it work on large and smallmouth bass pickeral and crappie? Will it damage the water?

It will probably work i have had success and i have caught a large mouth and a cupple crappie.

F_K has hit the nail on the head, there is a chance it will work, but for the price you might as well save it for your tools, hinges etc and buy some real bait attractant, such as berkley gulp or carolina lunker sauce, they cause little damage to the water, wont ruin your plastic baits and should increase your catch ratio.…

Fisher K has it right.

hey man, i know a few people that swear on this little trick, i have ver tryed it but i have been told that it does. i really can not see it harming the water, you will just leave a big rainbow in the water. what i use is saoking my rubber baits in olive oil and garlic salt. i soak them in that for a few hours before i go fishing and it works pretty well for me. try that if you are wonding if the wd-40 is going to harm the water. good luck good fishing be safe and remember to share the experience

lots of things "aren't done any more". many vintage lures are no longer used.
there's a good chance that these things are now new to the fish and they will work as well as current releases.
l occasionally play with some old wooden plugs on an old heddon pal bait casting outfit with braided black nylon line and have fun catching fish on that old stuff.
l use attractants mainly to cover human scent which (l believe) wild animals, including fish, find offensive.
a can of WD is sure a lot less expensive than a bottle of "Uncle Bob's Super Duper Fish Attractant And Hog Caller". these things usually sell for ten to fifteen dollars and you can't spray your reel with them if you drop it in the water. and it's no more harmful to the environment than the other stuff. particularly if you get it in a non-aerosol pump spray bottle.
WD-40 will not harm your lures, is not offensive to human noses, may even help retard rusting on the hooks, and is cheaper.
try it. like anything else in your tackle box, if it works for you and you have faith in it, that's what you need.
l have faith in "smelly jelly sticky liquid", anise/crawfish flavored attractant.

Gave that a go and you will have good luck on it.

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