Raising baby largemouth bass 1mm long Help!?

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Hey so yesterday i was fishing at a pond when i notice large numbers of baby largemouth bass so i scooped 3 up and brought them home and put them in my 29 gallon freshwater tank. They are in a breeder net for now. They have been alive for 31 hours and i am guessing they are 4-7 days old. I am feeding them crushed tropical flakes but i dont think they are eating. I dont know if the birth sack that they feed on is fully absorbed yet it is not visible though. Im not sure if i am doing anything right so let me know what ishould do/ change thanks ill keep you all updated!

Release them back into back into the water for instance.
Trout can only be in single place for 1 season.
And if you still have them while winter you cant release them back into pond becouse they will simply die from the huge shock. They will grow pretty big in your tank in 1 year's time.

If you are still determined there is really no point searching on yahoo answers as not alot of people know very much about fish they just had 1 fishbowl and assume they know evrything.
Google would get you much more reasonable results.

Try getting some earthworms. I know this sounds gross, but chop them up into small bits. It's better if you feed them small goldfish flakes because a goldfish is a type of river fish. and it may not look like they're eating, but they might be. on google, look up " What to feed small and large mouth bass." and they are good eating

If they keep not eating put them in a river. Try berries, chicken, other meats, and those same flakes. They are probably a little stressed. It would help if you had a filter so the water was moving. They get big so you will have to release them eventually.

Personally, I would let nature take its course. I would release them into the pond. I'm sure there are enough hiding spots for the little guys.

Put them back in the pond. you will not be able to house them correctly and they will die.

all stressed fish stop eating from one day to even a couple of weeks in captivity. I have 4 full grown madtoms in my 29 gallon. their not even 6 inches long so taking care of them is a piece of cake, I also always give them live food that they ate in the wild( i catch their food from the same place i got them). When I first got them they werent even a month old and they didnt start to eat for a while.

Anyways, what I would do in your case is to put baby guppies in there. When they are hungry and ready, they'll eat them. That's your indication that they are ready for feeding.

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